Department of Agriculture

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Goumenaki Eleni, Professor

Academic discipline: Vegetable Science
Telephone number: 2810-379451
Office hours: Wednesday 9.00-11.00 and Friday 9.00-11.00

  • Introduction to Agricultural Sciences (Undergraduate Course)
  • Introduction to Vegetable Crops (Undergraduate Course)
  • Major Vegetable Crops (Undergraduate Course)
  • Advances in Vegetable Production (Undergraduate Course)
  • Environmental Changes and Food Systems (Undergraduate Course)
  • Climate Change and Crop Production (Postgraduate Course, Department of Agriculture)
  • Climate Change and Air Pollution Impacts on Crops and Adaptation Strategies (Postgraduate Course, Inter-University Postgraduate Program, University of Crete and Hellenic Mediterranean University)


  • Integrated Master’s in Agriculture, Department of Crop Science, Agricultural University of Athens (1982).
  • PhD in Environmental and Molecular Biology, School of Biology, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK (2006).

Research Interests

  • Development of sustainable vegetable production systems.
  • Air pollution effects on crops.
  • Impacts of Climate Change on cropping systems and adaptation strategies.

Additional Information

  • Scientific Coordinator of the Vegetable Science Group, Department of Agriculture.
  • Researcher A Grade in the AgroFood Sector, Institute of Agri-Food and Life Sciences of the Hellenic Mediterranean University Research Center.

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