Department of Agriculture

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Research in the Department of Agriculture

The research carried out in the Department of Agriculture is basic and applied and answers the modern problems of the primary and secondary sector, both at the level of Crete and the country. Teaching staff has the appropriate academic background and the required scientific competence, with multi-year and internationally recognized research work, which has been published in reputable scientific journals relating to the field of Αgriculture.

The research activity is carried out organized by the four (4) institutionalized laboratories that aim to meet the research and teaching needs of the Department at all levels of study. The laboratories have organized research facilities well equipped with modern scientific instruments for the implementation of research activities and the preparation of research diploma theses. In each laboratory there are individual research groups that define themselves thematically according to their research activity. The instituted laboratories of the Department are the following:

  • Utilization of Natural Resources and Agricultural Engineering  

Lab Director: Kokinou Eleni, Professor

  • Biological and Biotechnological Applications

Lab Director: Ververidis Filippos, Professor

  • Olive, Vine and Agroecological Production Systems

Lab Director: Kabourakis Emmanouil, Assistant Professor

  • Quality and Safety of Agricultural Products, Landscape and Environment

Lab Director: Nektarios Panayiotis, Professor

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