Department of Agriculture

Hellenic Mediterranean University


The buildings and facilities of the Department of Agriculture are housed in the SE part of the central complex of the H.M.U., as well as on its Farm on the University campus. New buildings will soon be constructed on the Farm, which already houses educational, exhibition, and research facilities as well as model crops, where the students of the Department of Agriculture can work and train.



The School has five lecture halls of 100, 72, 70, 40 and 35 sq.m. respectively, as well as a meeting room. In terms of capacity, the first two can accommodate 100 people, the third 80 people, and the last two 60 and 50 people respectively. Each room is equipped with a whiteboard, a projector, and a projection screen.



The Department has 19 laboratories with a capacity of 16 to 25 people: 6 are used for educational purposes exclusively, 10 for both education and research, while 3 are for research purposes only and are used for education only in emergencies.

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