Department of Agriculture

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Mission and Vision

The Mission of the Department of Agriculture is to provide high-level undergraduate and graduate education in the field of modern agricultural science and technology, as well as the advancement of science and technology through basic and applied research, also providing the opportunity for doctoral studies. The basic goal of the Department is the continuous effort to improve the quality of the education it provides, so that its graduates have excellent scientific training and the appropriate competitive qualifications for a successful scientific and professional career.
In this context, the Vision of the Department of Agriculture is:
1. To organize, implement, and develop independently (but also in collaboration with Universities in Greece and abroad) undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral study programs, providing very high-quality knowledge and expertise in relevant cutting-edge scientific and technological fields.
2. To produce globally qualified, sensitized, active, and self-developing highly qualified graduates with fundamental as well as cutting-edge knowledge in the science and technology of Agriculture, capable of serving their science creatively and productively.
3. To promote the Agricultural Science by conducting high-level basic and applied research that gives answers to the modern problems of the primary and secondary sector, both at the level of Crete and the entire country.
4. To develop educational and research collaborations, in the context of educational, scientific, research and development programs, both with educational and research Institutions and with organizations and enterprises of the public and private sector, especially aiming at the transfer of know-how and technological development.
5. To publish research work in peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, and other suitable scientific fora.
6. To organize, and/or co-organize, and actively participate in international and national conferences and dissemination activities, related to the scientific discipline.

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