Department of Agriculture

Hellenic Mediterranean University

Vlachos Ioannis

Professor Emeritus
Curriculum Vitae
Tel.: +30 6979708245

Speciality Subjects
Physiology of Plants, Growth and Development

1966-1971, Bachelor of Sciences (BSc)
Agriculltural University of Athens
1971-197 Master of Sciences (MSc)
School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, Department of Floriculture and Ornamental Horticulture Cornell University, New York, USA
Doctor of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (PhD)
Agricultural University Wageningen, The Netherlands

Special Interests
Physiology of Ornamental Floricultural Species
Plant Propagation methods (sexual , asexual and in vitro culture)
Plant Growth Regulators and environmentall factors
Utilization of native and endemic plants for use in Floriculture and Landscaping
Genetic amelioration of plants

Publications in the last 5 years
M.I.Shtilman, A.M.Tsatsakis, J.C.Vlahos, M.Dragassaki, I.M. Shaskova and M.M.Lotter, 1998. Bioactivity of the Polyvinyl esters of 2,4- Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid. Russian Journal of Plant Physiology Vol.45 (1) 92-95

Vlahos, J.C. and M.Dragassaki, 2000. In vitro regeneration of Ebenus cretica L. Acta Horticulturae 541 (305-310)

M.E. Lydaki, and Vlahos, J.C., 2000. Natural and artificial pollination of Ebenus cretica L. Acta Horticulturae 541 (113-118)

M. Dragassaki, A.E. Economou and J.C.Vlahos , 2003 . Bulblet Formation in Vitro and Plantlet Survival Extra Virum in Pancratium maritimum L. Proc. 1st IS on Accl & Estb. Microprop. Plants Acta Hort. 616 (347-352)

D. Chimonidou, J.C.Vlahos, E.Odysseos, K.Georgiou and A.Delta 2005. Evaluation of Species from Cyprus Flora for Sustainable Use in Commercial Floriculture” Acta Hort 683 (ISHS 2005) Pro. Vth IS on New Flor.Crops (111-119)

T.G.Vrachnakis, A. Siakouli-Galanopoulou, K.Fauland and J.C. Vlahos. 2005. Investigations on Ebenus cretica L/ (Leguminosae) Phyton. Vol. 45 (363-374)

Αναφορές δημοσιεύσεων μου σε ξενόγλωσσα βιβλία
Ι. Introduction to Floriculture , Roy A. Larson,Editor.1980, Academic Press, Chapter 21.Foliage Plants by Charles A. Conover p.570 , 587
II. The Physiology of Flower Bulbs. Edited by August de Hertogh and Marcel Le Nard 1993, Elsevier. Chapter 13. General chapter on Summer flowering Bulbs . A.A. De Hertogh and M.Le Nard. Achimenes, pp 741-744
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IV. Floriculture Principles and Species . by John M. Dole and Harold F. Wilkins . Prentice Hall , N.J. Achimenes (173-175).
V. Zierpflanzen-bau by Wolfgang Horn . Balckwell Wissenschafts-Verlag Berlinb.Wien 1996. Achimenes (474-476)

Additional information (see also attached CVs)
Teaching the following courses: Plant Morphology and Phsyiology, Ecology, Tissue Culture, Cell Biology.
1987-2013 Director of International Relations Office and European programs of TEI Crete . Coordinator of European programmes SOCRATES/ERASMUS ,LEONARDO,TEMPUS, TEXT AND ECTS/DS
2002-2004 National representative as ECTS counselor at the EC and EUA
2007 – 2012 Bologna Expert under theGreek Ministry of Eduaction
1998 to 2019 Universities visited under the Staff Mobility Erasmus programme

ΒΟΚU , Austria (1998)
DELFT, Netherlands (1999)
HUY-GEMBLOUX Belgium (2000)
KVL Denmark (2001)
ESA Spain (2001)
HANNOVER , Germany (2003)
U of LISBOA, Portugal (2005)
CORVINUS, Hungary (2002)
AU of Prague, Czech Republic (1997 and 2006)
DEBRECEN, Hungary (2003)
KAUNAS, Lithuania (2004)
EAU Estonia, -2006 ANTWERPEN, Belgium (2015)
MENDEL University, BRNO,Czech Republic (2017),
WROCLAW, Poland (2018)
PISA, Italy (2019)

Agricultural Universities in Turkey
Ege University, Izmir, (2003)
Dumlupinar University, Kutahya (2005)
Ankara University, Ankara (2010)
Usak University,Usak (2012)
Kocatepe University, Afyon (2014)
Recep Tagip Erdogan University, Rize (2015)
Istanbul Aydin University, Constantinopolis (2016)
Akdeniz University, Antalya, (2017)
University of Iceland, Reykjavik, Iceland(2016),

As coordinator of the HORTECUS programme (HORTiculture in EC and US) visited and lectured in the Departments of Hortiulture at PURDUE UNIVERSITY, OKLAHOMA STATE UNIVERSITY and ALABAMA A&M UNIVERSITY (2000-2002)

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